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 Guatemala Antigua Santo Domingo SHB

Guatemala Santo Domingo coffee is made up of 15-20 small to medium sized producers in the Acatenango region, around the Acatenango and Agua volcanoes. Rich in volcanic soil nourishment combined with advantageous geographical conditions makes this micro-region uniquely suited for coffee.  All farms are within a 25 mile range of Antigua and produce between 4 and 5 containers of green coffee per season. 

The primary varieties of Arabica are Bourbon and Caturra. The cherry is collected by the miller/exporter and transported to their wet mill about 15-20 miles away in the town of Concepcion. There the wet process, pulping, fermentation, washing and drying is strictly supervised. Our exporter has been sourcing coffee from this group of producers for over 25 years assuring consistency from crop to crop.

  • Producer: Santo Domingo, collective of 15-20 small farms
  • Region: Guatemala Antigua
  • Micro-region: Acatenango
  • Grade: Strictly Hard Bean (SHB)
  • Altitude: 1400+ meters
  • Processing: Traditional fully washed
  • Drying: Full sun as conditions permit
  • Varietals: Bourbon, Caturra
  • Other features: Shade grown
  • Roast profile: Full roast

Cup Characteristics: Typically bright, zesty and citrus acidity but also offers a very smooth textured sweet chocolate mouthfeel.

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