Pick Your Perfect Roast

Full Roast: Full roast coffee is a medium brown in color with non-oils surfacing. Traditionally, a Full roast is the most preferred type of coffee roast in the United States.  If you prefer a flavorful but well-balanced cup of coffee with aroma, body, acidity and all of its characteristics you’ll enjoy a Full roast.
AKA: Medium Roast, Regular Roast, American Roast and Breakfast Roast.

Medium-Dark: Medium-Dark Roast/Viennese: Medium-dark roast/Viennese coffee beans have a richer, dark color with some oils beginning to show on the surface of the beans. This type of roast produces a heavy body of flavor with some chocolate notes that are more pronounced in comparison with lighter roast coffees.
AKA: Full-City Roast and Vienna Roast

Dark Roast: Dark roast coffee beans are dark brown in color, like chocolate and have a sheen of oil on the surface, which produce noticeable smoky flavors in the cup. The darker the coffee bean, the less acidity will be present in the coffee. If you prefer a heavy mouthfeel with strong robust flavors, you’ll enjoy a dark roast coffee. 
AKA: Continental Roast, New Orleans Roast and Light French Roast  
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