Costa Rican Tarrazú: La Pastora

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Costa Rican Tarrazú   

La Pastora  

SHB Plus EP  

Tarrazú coffees are grown in altitudes over 3,900 feet, allowing them to be designated SHB-single hard bean, the highest classification in the Costa Rican system. Grown in rich volcanic soil and high altitude make this one the finest coffees in the world. 


Tarrazú La Pastora is a coffee developed by Coope Tarrazú, a well-ecognized cooperative in San Marcos, Tarrazú. Coope Tarrazú has more than 53 years of experience and tradition and works with more than 3,000 coffee producers and 250 mill workers from the surrounding communities in Tarrazú and Leon Cortes regions.  


The members of Coope Tarrazú pride themselves on a focused set of commitments that include: developing a sustainable coffee culture, protecting and improving the environment, meeting the expectations of customers with high-quality products and services, and improving the quality of life of its members and the general community. 


  • Producer: Coop Tarrazú 
  • Region: Los Santos, Tarrazú  
  • Grade: SHB Plus EP  
  • Altitude: 1200-1800 meters 
  • Processing: Fully Washed 
  • Drying: Drum drying  
  • Varietals: Caturra, Catuai 
  • Roast profile: Full roast 


    Cup Characteristics: Syrupy body, crisp pear acidity and Swiss chocolate notes.

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