Colombian, Supremo: Bucaramanga Santandar

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Colombian, Supremo: Bucaramanga Santandar  

Sourced from Bucaramanga, Colombia located within the country’s Santander Department (region). Bucaramanga is the capital city of the department Santandar, in north-central Colombia. It has the fifth-largest economy in Colombia and more than 160 parks, earning it the nicknames “La Ciudad de Los Parques” and “La Ciudad Bonita de Colombia” (The City of Parks, and Colombia’s Beautiful City).    

The Santander Department is known for its natural, shade-grown coffees cultivated throughout the forests, where the rich volcanic soils, idyllic microclimates and average temps (68-71°F) are perfect for growing specialty grade arabica. 

The Bucaramanga Santandar is a true 17/18 screen Colombia Supremo green coffee. Supremo is the highest grade of coffee available in Colombia, referring to the bean screen size that mill operators are required to use for certification. Our Supremo is comprised of 90% typica and 10% caturra specialty grade arabica varietals. 


  • Producer: Small Holders of Bucaramanga  
  • Region: Santandar 
  • Grade: 17/18 Supremo  
  • Altitude: 1350-1750 meters 
  • Processing: Wet \ Washed  
  • Drying: Sun Dried as conditions permit 
  • Varietals: Typica, Caturra 
  • Other features: Shade grown 
  • Roast profile: Full roast 


    Cup Characteristics: Balanced body, sugary sweetness with crisp acidity and notes of nuts. 

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